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Nina Samootin

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Brisbane
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I am a multidisciplinary artist, stylist and designer.

From a young age I have always had my brush in a pot of paint or had a lump of clay squelching between my fingers, shaping me into the unique and eclectic person I am today. I am not afraid to experiment to facilitate a more personal body of work that reflects my values as an artist and designer.

As an interior designer, my style is sophisticated yet raw, eclectic yet natural. I am resourceful in my process and believe that good design utilises the potential of any space by careful consideration of the end users, their lifestyle and the ever changing climate.
I gather my inspiration from nature, history and architecture and my main interests lie within residential and sustainable design, to create functional spaces for human interactivity and connection. I adore items with history and heritage, and thrive to develop the story of the client within my designs. I pride myself on bespoke, handcrafted, detail-orientated concepts that ignite the imagination and imbue an innate sense of harmony and excitement of a space.

I have studied a variety of courses from art and sculpture, to circus and physical theatre, and recently interior design and decoration.
I am interested in pursuing a career in either residential or commercial interior design, as well as textile/surface pattern design and set design for film and TV.

Software Skills- In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch Up, Revit, AutoCAD Enscape, Microsoft Office

The Stewart – Art Series Hotel

The Stewart Hotel aims to create an inviting and inspiring space through the use of colour, shape, pattern and texture inspired by artist Esther Stewart.

With the pairing of organic and geometric shapes that replicate nature and take into consideration sustainability on all fronts, this organic eclectic concept is about harmoniously combining natural elements with a luxurious touch, and an honest focus on craftsmanship and detail. A transfer of feeling through the space’s materials, even when you look deep enough they interact hand in hand, embracing organic movement in line work, repetition and rhythm with a vibrant explosion of colour.

By creating a space to relax and unwind but also a mutual meeting place, a social gathering spot helping to build a sense of community and belonging by paying homage to the local landscape of Fremantle, the hotel is a series of eclectic spaces, elevating and layering the space as a whole in a whimsical kind of way. Just having an honest and open feeling to it allows the user to embrace their time and enjoy themselves to the fullest during their stay with tailored experiences and joyful memories, both past and present.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Yourself.

Wattle It Be – Gin Distillery

A combination of an assignment and a passion project of my very own.

‘Wattle It Be’ is a boutique small batch gin distillery and bar with a rooftop community garden filled with native Australian botanicals. A collective concept that takes into account the importance of looking after our environment and enjoying life by cultivating a welcoming space of innovation and exploration.

The colour palette of the distillery is inspired by my own eye colours. Rich greens, ochres, terracottas and warm greys feature thoughtfully throughout the space.

The concept is holistic and fun, simplistic and authentic. With every element of the design telling a story of growth and history, coming together to create an exciting yet laidback atmosphere.

The branding concept pays homage to the quintessential Queensland vibe with contemporary accents and the use of raw earthy tones combined with hand drawn elements.

The materials and finishes have been selected to create harmony in colour, texture and overall vibe; this space is elegant, modern and earthy. The combination of these purposely designed and naturally occurring elements handcrafted or sourced locally creates a multi-sensory space that sits among the Brisbane lifestyle, providing a natural and comfortable escape while creating an exciting, fun, educational and sociable atmosphere.

Welcome to Wattle It Be Bar and Distillery. Your new local.