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Michael Montuoro

Graduate Certificate of UX and Web Design Sydney
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Having recently graduated from Billy Blue College of Design, I am passionate about how creativity and design intersect with technology. As a UX/UI Designer, I bring experience as a lifelong creative, constant curiosity, a love for detail, and persistent problem-solving capability.

My recent experience at Flamingo AI taught me how to pioneer powerful design, integrating UX, UI and technology to produce innovative product solutions, which are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing for users around the world. Over the past six years, whilst completing my studies, I have been working as an Art Curator, Handler, and developed my own personal art portfolio. I am now looking to work as a UX/UI Designer where I can continue to build my creative skillset.


LAZE is the largest streaming service available that allows our customers to watch the widest range of TV, movies, documentaries and sports on thousands of internet-connected devices. Our product is a media streaming service that combines the power and library of other media streaming services into one easy to use and simple application.

Some noteworthy findings during our study were the following:

• Users want a wider range of entertainment from their streaming services.
• Users want to make searching for content they have seen advertised simpler in the app.
• Users want an easier, quicker way for multiple people to decide on what to watch so everyone is happy.
• Users want to stop searching for information in Google that could easily be provided in-app by their streaming services.
• Users want to watch with other people no matter where they are located.
• Users want more functionality and control with parental controls.

What makes LAZE different will be:

• Streaming of any service within one platform.
• Functionality to scan a QR code on mobile devices from commercial or printed advertisements.
• Function to allow users to temporarily “Fuse” together profiles.
• Provide reviews on all TV shows and movies from professional critics.
• Profiles on all cast and crew with dedicated profiles and a full filmography.
• Allow users to host an online viewing party with group chat.

Oh Yum

‘Oh Yum’ is a local online food market ordering service. ‘Oh Yum’ connects users with a broad range of local restaurants and food, so they can order from full menus of local favourites whenever they want, for delivery or pick-up.

Some noteworthy findings during our study were the following:

• Users want their service to be fast and reliable.
• Users want to minimize their carbon footprint in regards to the waste involved in the standard packaging for takeaway.
• Users’ biggest guilt comes from the cost involved in ordering.
• Users find it difficult handling money when ordering in a group.
• Users want the option of pick-up and delivery.
• Find it difficult locating their favourite restaurants on competitor services.

‘Oh Yum’ wishes to stand out from the crowd of already existing online food market services and address these aforementioned customer wishes and concerns. What makes ‘Oh Yum’ different will be:

• The addition of an inbuilt loyalty card program, which rewards customers.
• Allowing users to split payment for large orders, either split evenly or allowing a group to pay for their individual menu items.
• Pushing for eco-friendly packaging with restaurant partners.
• Bookmark restaurants.
• Recommend restaurants with contacts.