Photography and Photo Imaging

Luis Roberto Diaz

Diploma of Photo Imaging Melbourne
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Mexican portrait and documentary photographer based in Melbourne.

I also have a BA in Communications & Digital Media from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México.

Before coming to Australia, I worked as a Content Producer for TV AZTECA, a TV network in Mexico & Latin America, for three years. I actively developed content for brands & companies such as Chanel, L'Oréal, Huawei, Volkswagen, and Mondelez, among others.


My practice in portraiture relies on simplicity.

I shoot with natural light sources for the most part, and the reason for that is because portraits for me are a synonym for intimacy.

I like spending time with my subjects beforehand and also, learning to work with what you have available at the time is crucial.

Documentary and street

With regard to documentary and street photography, what I am interested in is the relationship and dynamics between societies and the territories where they live.

How they affect, condition and modify one another.