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Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design Online
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I am an aspiring multi-disciplinary designer with skills covering user experience, interface and graphic design. I graduated from the Graduate Certificate in User Experience & Web Design, where I received the Design & Creative Technology Scholarship. Before this, I completed a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) from Swinburne University of Technology in 2017. I was also the recipient of the Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Scholarship.

Some notable freelance clients I have worked with include the Autism at Work Summit, where I designed a website to promote the summit using Squarespace. I have also designed online PDF documents for Neurodiversity Hub, an initiative to support students with intellectual disabilities to find employment. I have also rebranded and redesigned stationery for My Diffability, an online store selling toys and sensory items to children and adults with disabilities. Another notable client is Ausmed, an online learning management system for medical practitioners, where I redesigned their internal documentation.

Being on the Autism Spectrum means I work with intense focus and attention to detail through to user research, wireframes and implementation. This allows me to uncover the user's pain points. If you were to ask other people, they would say I take my commitments seriously, I am reliable, honest, inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions.


RecycleEdge is a recycling and waste management app designed to help users better manage and sort their general waste and recycling. It also educates users on the correct and safe disposal or recycling of any hazardous materials, such as paint, batteries, chemicals and e-waste. It educates users on the benefits of recycling, how it works and suggests strategies on how to improve their waste and recycling based on a survey they complete. The app also has a scan function using the camera on the user’s device. This allows the user to scan an item and access information on its proper disposal or recycling.

Once the low-fidelity semi-functional prototype was built, three users were recruited to participate in a usability test using an iPhone X. The prototype was only built to the screen resolution of the iPhone X and 11, so most of the testing was done in person to overcome this limitation. With the iPhone screen being recorded, the test users were asked to complete a total of 12 different tasks with the app. The tasks included resetting the user ID and password, looking up waste, reporting littering, undertaking a survey and booking a waste collection.

Different, Not Defective

The Different, Not Defective Exhibition, held at the TooT Artspace in St. Kilda from June 13-30, 2019 seeks to effect social change by raising awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by self-representing work by a designer with ASD on the subject of ASD. The challenges which autistic people face with communication, relationships, education and employment and the way they experience and perceive their surroundings are included in the work. The exhibition work, comprising ten graphic design posters juxtaposes the experience of those on the spectrum with that of neurotypical people.

Autism Spectrum is a lifelong developmental disorder characterised by difficulty in socialising, forming relationships and understanding verbal and non-verbal communication (e.g. body language). Those with autism experience discrimination and exclusion as they are often perceived as being indifferent, antisocial or lacking empathy. They are often ostracised from society and struggle to find employment. This exhibition was designed to break down the barriers, reduce the stigma and change the perception of autism as being a difference, not a defect.