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Jasmin Fender

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Sydney
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I've always been a highly visual person and have a love for fashion. Throughout my Bachelors course I discovered my strengths in creative direction, branding and fashion business and design. I have an interest moving into fashion wholesale or buying, and see myself one day working in high fashion.

Renata Spring/Summer 2021

Renata Spring/Summer 2021 - retro nostalgia. This collection concept was inspired by the 70s disco scene and how it shaped the dance music scene we see today. Not only is the concept looking into music itself, but the atmosphere especially draws inspiration from Studio 54.

The collection is a merge of modern design elements mixed with old-style details. The trends I explore in this collection are textures in fabric, the effect it has and the multi-colouring it creates. I explore the idea of “the new retro look”; a play of retro elements but creating some new and not seen before.


“Intimacy is a journey – it is not a tangible thing. It takes place over time, is ever-changing and is not stagnant.”

The collection explores feeling and expression of the intimate connection we have with people. When we as humans encounter this high level of connection, we often doubt ourselves and are overwhelmed with these series of emotions. These feelings of vulnerability and guardedness are symbolic in the collection playing with soft, romantic silhouettes to structured pieces. This captures the Renata woman’s overall ethos and breaks down these feelings to find an equal mix of sensuality and empowerment within the garments.