Interior Design

Eloise Moore

Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential) Sydney
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I am a designer who enjoys the challenge of balancing creativity and practicality. I see design as not only a way to make our environments more aesthetically pleasing, but also as a tool to enhance the functionality of the world we live in.

I am simultaneously delighted and excited to be able to venture into the design industry to create spaces that make people feel protected, lively and enriched. I hope to keep learning, applying my skills and capabilities and contributing as much as I can to the design industry.

My skills include proficiency in various 3D rendering software and documentation programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, and SketchUp. My proven professional attributes involve effective skills in collaborative design, as well as innovative product and spatial design skills as demonstrated through my involvement in international product design competitions and design consultancy experience.

Central to my high standard of work is my focus on the conceptual stage of development. I feel this stage of the design process is fundamental in the creation of innovative interior spaces, which I complement with high quality, efficient documentation.

Mnemosyne Edgecliff Dual Apartments

Dual Access Multi Residential Apartments

Software and Skills:
Revit, Photoshop, Hand Drawing, and Enscape

Concept and Features:
These two apartments were designed to create a sophisticated yet playful environment that would entice people to spend their time in this luxurious setting. I began the conceptual development of this project by looking for design elements that would symbolise my design intent.

The two symbols I chose were the zipper (1913), and the paperclip (1899). The zipper was chosen as inspiration for the interconnectivity between the two apartments. I was inspired by the mechanism, wanting my dual entrance to be equality practical and stylish whilst maintaining its creative edge. The paper clip was my inspiration for the overall design of both apartments: simple elegance, crisp, sharp but relaxed.

My floor plan development sketch aimed to create a strong sense of drama through the long hallway without wasting any space. This layout also shows the development in the dual entrance, moving away from the fundamental inspiration of a zipper to a more realistic pivot mechanism still keeping with the original inspiration.

FloraLux Bar Design

New construction commercial bar and eatery.

Mercantile Walk, Barangaroo NSW Sydney

Software and Skills:
Revit, Photoshop, Hand Drawing & Enscape

Concept and Features:
FloraLux was created with the intent of broadening awareness of environmentally sustainable alternatives, as well as encouraging patrons’ engagement with sustainable practices. These intentions, coupled with the lux and attractive physical environment of the design, aimed to encourage an association between luxury and sustainability to attract a wider and more profitable market into compliance with sustainable practices.

The design focuses on facilitating communication though its booth designs to create an atmosphere of connection and intimacy for its patrons.