Communications and Graphic Design

Diana Horska

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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I am a Sydney-based Communication Designer who enjoys working on projects that are connected to health, fitness, travel or anything related to the connection with people and doing things for good purposes.

During my studies, I started to work as a freelance Graphic Designer, which allowed me to understand how to organise my work, follow the right process and deliver what a client wants. It also helped me to find out what I am passionate about. I would like to work in a studio where can I be involved in marketing or package design, creating layouts, being able to bring fresh ideas and create a visually appealing design.

My approach is to display a clear message. Simplicity is the key and it can create a smart solution that grabs attention.

Catch Some Rays

The brief of this project was to create a brand for a shop that sells a food product. I created an ice cream shop - the brand name, logo and the promotional material. Catch Some Rays offers various summer flavours. It is designed for young people to enjoy the fun with friends. It reflects joy and it is playful.

Zen Protein

The objective of the brief was to solve the problem of clumsy packaging for a food product and develop a brand. I decided to create a smart solution for protein powder packaging which usually comes in a large container and is hard to carry. It is targeted at active busy people, mostly women, and it provides a feminine feel and mindfulness. The solution of the packaging was the creation of a double folding box with separated sachets inside that are easy to carry and can be used multiple times if necessary. One part of the package can be thrown away once the sachets are used so that it saves space in your kitchen. A smart solution for a protein powder packaging on the go.