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Chelsea Rieck

Bachelor of Communication Design Brisbane
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Hey, I'm Chelsea! I'm a Communication Designer based in Brisbane. I'm passionate about designing thoughtful work, branding and visual identity. I love the process of creating, from getting the idea, all the way through to producing the end product. I grew up playing music for hours every day and continue to play whenever I can as it inspires my creativity and is a big part of my life.

You can find me anywhere online @chelsearieck

Pacific Calling Partnership

Pacific Calling Partnership is an organisation that recognises the negative effect of climate change on low lying islands in the Torres Strait and Pacific Islands.

They are an advocate for those islands as they have committed to pass on the message from the Pacific leaders, to listen to them, to be accountable and to raise awareness about the threat to their way of living.

The campaign was designed around the low lying island of Tuvalu. Since ocean temperatures have warmed and sea levels have risen and continue to rise, they are at risk of losing their islands, culture and rich history to these rising waters.

The snorkelling masks were hand-stitched onto each portrait along with the respective quotes pulled from each climate change denying politician’s Twitter account. They were to be rolled out across print and digital spaces.

The campaign was meant to bring awareness through humour to the topics of climate change and global warming and the effects on these islands in the Pacific.