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Callum Grimmer

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Callum Grimmer is a thrill-seeking, Generation Z visual communicator, ready to carve out his place within the marketing and design industry. When he's not busy slaving away on personal projects, you'll find him at the local dog park or in the woods somewhere.

Throughout his Communication Design degree at Billy Blue, he has had the opportunity to work extensively on a variety of diverse projects, both individually and with a group. His greatest outcomes are in the realm of packaging, brand identity, marketing collateral, and generally an overall high standard regarding graphics creation and visual editing.

While studying full time, Callum had until recently been working within the industry as a Junior Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant, excelling in this current time of crisis to capture a new market segment.

Callum enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and is open to most avenues of design and marketing as long as it provides room for continual growth and development. He sees himself in the future working on large scale projects for corporate clients. He considers himself an 'ideas man', and won't shy away from taking charge in leadership positions.

Elektrik Eel Music Festival

'Elektrik Eel Music Festival' is an up-and-coming Electronic/Dance Music Festival suited for all ravers, bassline junkies, and weekend warriors.

The Team behind 'Elektrik Eel' had tasked our class with creating effective UX & UI solutions for their online presence, coupled with a stand out brand identity which would reflect the high energy and genre-specific aesthetic for a primarily generation Z, Y, and X audience. To make sure I could provide potential festival-goers with the most enjoyable and user-friendly experience regarding online touch points, I began deconstructing the website mechanics of other popular festivals of a similar target base as well as conducting my own research pertaining to the target market.

The overall branding features bold, saturated, bi-colour designs that capture the energy 'Elektrik Eel' wishes to evoke. The use of pulsating shapes and strikes of colour coupled with the unique illustration of an Eel fighting with a sea creature has become a distinct motif within the brand identity of Elektrik Eel.

This project allowed me to experiment broadly with my digital design skills, in particular working with HTML & CSS to put what I have envisioned into practice. While I still have much to learn on the web development side, I'm eager to take on the challenge and pair it with my more experienced visual communication skills.