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Azeleah Cauchi

Bachelor of Digital Media Design (Interaction Design) Sydney
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Since my early childhood, I've always loved art and design. I have a strong empathetic nature and a deep appreciation for the wonderful creations that life has to offer. I am fascinated with human connection and have a passion to build upon our creative abilities to consciously and collaboratively expand our world for the better.

I'm an aspiring UX designer and entrepreneur, with an immense love for design thinking and user research. The key to successful and sustainable design is coherence and understanding.

Billy Blue has taught me to communicate efficiently and tap into my true inner creative genius, to think above and beyond. I truly desire to bring about the positive change I wish to see in the world; through connection and love.

DrugSafe App

DrugSafe is an app in the process of development for making good decisions and precautions when using drugs. Most of the information out there aims to fight and stop drug use; this is mainly done by authoritative officials. More deaths are happening each year due to the ignorance of people's needs and our culture by those in charge. Drug testing has been researched and proven to minimise the risks, saving many lives. The government has now banned drug testing on festival grounds; the DrugSafe App allows everyone to get educated and conscious about the drugs going around our city.

In this project, I used the generative methods of research including surveys, card sorting and tree jacking. These findings were evaluated through information architecture, site map and user flow map. I conducted my research on 16 participants in the age groups of 17-20, 21-24 and 25+. This was done online through SurveyMonkey.

You can view my full process and the video of my prototype at the end of the link attached.

Tooheys Packaging

To expand my skillset as a designer, I opted to explore packaging and branding through an elective subject. The goal was to pick a brand and find an innovative opportunity within their industry but not directly related to the products they currently sell. I chose to research the reputable Australian company Tooheys.

After extensive research on the client, target market and existing competitors, I was sure that the direction I was headed in fit the brand and their market.

I created a microwavable "Pub Schnitty" to bring the authentic taste and feel of a traditional Aussie pub to your couch, where you can 'kick ya shoes off and crack a cold one'. Simple and quick; a staple to an Aussie blokes arvo, without the hassle of course.